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In 1996, college student Tanta Aiko seeks to win her new Kouhai's heart... any means necessary.


In each Episode, Tanta must protect Kouhai from a new rival vying for her affections.

There are many methods of eliminating your rivals:

Will you Sabotage their budding relationship?

Befriend your rival to win her favour?

Stalk your rival and Murder them?

Some other method?

It's up to you.
And what's with this mysterious woman providing you assistance in exchange for sordid info?

This game is inspired by early visual novels and retro Sega titles, intended to resemble "a Mega Drive game ported to the Saturn".
It features anime-style pixel art combined with illustrated cutscenes, voice acting, and an original soundtrack.
Our current focus is on creating "Episode 1", the first of a planned 13 episodes.

The game features a mixture of pixel-art gameplay and illustrated cutscenese, voice acting, an original

opening song by artists Nubia & Nodoka, and an original 16-bit soundtrack composed by Onur Nasir.

Get the early-access alpha build of the game on HERE.

(Available in a free censored version and paid uncensored version)

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