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Streaming / "Let's Play" Policies

You're free to publish & monetize any streamed or recorded footage of our games, provided it's your own content.
In return, we only ask that you link to our games to help us out.
If you do upload or stream footage of our games, kindly refrain from engaging in any politics / drama / slander at the time.
We're not going to STOP you from doing these things; We're only asking for the sake of peace.

Review Copy Policies
We're happy to give out free "review copy" keys, under certain conditions:

1) You are over 20 years old.
2) You have a sizeable following on video / stream platforms.

  • This is largely down to our discretion, but an example is having Twitch partner status.

3) You agree to be unbiased - We're not "paying for good reviews".

  • We want you to be as honest, critical, and objective as you like, so that we can improve our games.

4) You have a positive social media presence and don't engage in drama or harassment.
5) You aren't affiliated with any political organizations or video game "journalism" sites.

To inquire about a free review copy, please send an e-mail to with the subject "Review Key".
Please i
nclude your relevant video / stream / social media links, and a brief accompanying statement.

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