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Sunday Never Comes is Abyzou Interactive's first game,
a short psychological-horror visual novel.

Set in contemporary Britain, the last surviving civilian of a
three-pronged apocalypse comes to terms with their fate
via the five stages of grief.

The game takes place over six in-game days - Each day, you are
presented with four choices.
The choices you make decide which of the four aspects of the story
the protagonist will focus on - Positive memories, negative memories, the state of the
world, or nihilistic defeat.

Using the clues presented in each path, you may come across pieces of a four-part ARG.
Solve this if you can, to discover more secrets!

The game features 3D backgrounds rendered in 2D pixelated style, voice acting, and an original lo-fi  soundtrack composed by the talented HorribleGuy on Fiverr.

Get the game free on HERE.

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